Cédric Kuster

La Casserole by Cédric Kuster

A graduate of the Centre Européen de Formation et de Promotion Professionnelle par Alternance (CEFPPA) of Illkirch (67), Cédric Kuster soon showed a passion for gastronomy and wine but also for decorative table design and service.
After completing his Certificat d’Aptitude Professionnelle as a waiter at Au Vieux Couvent in Rhinau (Alsace) under Mr and Mrs Albrecht, Cédric Kuster pursued his Brevet Technique Supérieur (2004-2009). Choosing Option B (culinary art, decorative table design and service), he trains under the legendary Jungs, owners of the restaurant “Au Crocodile” with three Michelin stars. The young man, an opera lover and fan of decoration, pursues his path as a maître d’ (2009) then as Restaurant Director at Au Crocodile under Philippe Bohrer (2011-2015).

Cédric Kuster refines his style, savoir-faire and skills, cultivating his taste for beauty and taste…

In parallel, he wins several awards. Winner of the “Grand Marnier” Best Apprentice in Alsace Grand Prize in 2005, he also wins bronze in the National Trade Olympics, “Japan” class (integrated into the French National Team) in 2007 then winning gold two years later in the same competition as part of the “Calgary” class of the French National Team.

Assistant expert and expert at the international level for the Trade Olympics for the past four years, Cédric Kuster, at the age of just 28 takes over La Casserole on July 3rd 1995.

Both young and particularly experienced, kind and solemn, spontaneous and meticulous, Cédric Kuster reveals himself through a refined venue that reflects his sensibilities and through elegant and sensual cuisine.